DOT Launches Digital Travel Magazine “7641” and features Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding

Your ultimate guide to the #7641Islands of the Philippines is here!


Discover the Philippines with and explore the new digital magazine featuring the Philippines’ #7641Islands! Get an inside scoop on the ultimate guide to exclusive tourist attractions, best-of-the-best food spots, best kept secret locations, local go-to stops, and a whole lot more!

In a bid to further promote the various destinations in the country and fast track tourism recovery, the Department of Tourism (DOT) launches “7641 Islands of the Philippines”, a digital magazine that will provide readers travel inspiration and information.
This will also feature more of those destinations that are lesser known but are equally stunning as the country’s popular tourist sites, like Marinduque’s white sand beaches, the healing island of Siquijor, the caves and paragliding sites of Nueva Vizcaya, the pink sand beaches of Zamboanga City, among others.


Visit and flip through the Philippines’ digital magazine for the ultimate guide on the best-kept and lesser-known spots around the Philippines.


Featured Flyer #2: Princess

Why did you want to experience paragliding?
Because I want to overcome my fear of heights.

How did you feel while flying?
I felt a little nervous and excited

What was your favorite part of the experience?
When we were landing, because my pilot did it very well and we successfully landed.

Will you recommend paragliding to your friends?
Yep! Because it’s really fun and many people should try it too.

Princess Athaliah Daquioag was 10 years old when she flew with us. She is a student of Solano East Central School, Nueva Vizcaya. She loves playing musical instruments and reading comic books. When she saw the paragliding flights online, she pestered her dad if they could try it together. And they did!

Featured Flyer #1: Zion


Why did you want to experience paragliding?
Because I want to know what the bird feels like.

What did you feel up there?
It was very quiet and peaceful. I think the birds found me noisy.

Will you want to try it again?
Of course! It’s not scary at all and my pilot was talking to me the whole time. Maybe I want to be a pilot too.