Covid Health Protocols


  1. A medic’s booth with temperature checks and sanitation essentials will be provided.
  2. Pilots and crew will be covered during the duration of your flight.
  3. Equipments and devices will be sanitized with alcohol after each flight.

1. Faceshield and facemasks are mandatory.

Wear your faceshields and facemasks at the meet-up point until the take off. During the flight you can wear your facemasks only so you can enjoy the breeze.

2. Maintain social distancing at all times.

This is a private event. Should you wish to bring a cheerleader with you, only 1 companion is allowed. Please register his/her name and contact information in the sign-up form.

3. Follow protocols on the day of the event

Let’s all be mindful of each other so we can enjoy this event without fear of the virus.

Let’s paint the skies with colors!