Use of Own Device

For safety and operational purposes, we do not allow our guests to use their own gadgets as the main video-capturing device. WHY?

  1. We are a highly systematic team and using your own device can distract our pilots from their pre-flight safety checks.
  2. We have a long history of fallen gadgets, broken sticks, malfunctioning devices, and technical errors that causes us more problems when we allow guests to use their own.
  3. We are primarily a training school, and we record all our flights as an educational video for our students.

Should you wish to use your own device:

  1. You can attach it to our helmet mount, or on your wrist, or on your chest for additional footage (FREE)
  2. Bring your own mounts.
  3. Pilot and crew will not be responsible for any safety-related or operational distractions it could bring.

If you are not willing to comply with our standard safety procedures, we will have to respectfully decline flying you, as your safety and our pilot’s safety are our main priority.