This is a regulated flysite. To ensure the safety of pilots, crew and visitors. The management has the authority to enforce these rules. Violation may result in revocation of flight privileges. Violators shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


  1. This is a privately-controlled flysite. Permission is required to use this flysite.
  2. Use of this flysite is a privilege and not a right.

COORDINATES: 16°30’48.8″N 121°05’20.4″E


  1. Unauthorized pilots and spectators are not allowed in take-off or landing areas.
  2. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants is prohibited from flying. No alcohol or intoxicating substances may be consumed prior to or while flying.
  3. Flying is prohibited when the site is posted as being closed. When radio calls are used to indicate an emergency, all pilots in the air must land immediately.
  4. Respect your fellow pilots. Any accidents, incidents or disputes between pilots shall immediately be brought to the attention of the management.
  5. Please smoke in designated areas only. No smoking within the take-off and landing zone.
  6. Please keep our flysite clean.


  1. NO LICENSE, NO FLY! A PPHGA license or an international license/proficiency card is required to fly in this site.
  2. All pilots must read the FLYSITE RULES, sign all WAIVERS and pay the site FEES prior to flying.
  3. All pilots must sign-in each day prior to flying.
  4. Helmet, radio, and reserve parachute are required for all flights.
  5. Only ONE glider can launch at a time.
  6. North-bound glider has right of way. Yield to the right.
  7. Observe traffic rules.
  8. Beginner pilots must be controlled by their instructors and must be identified to other pilots.
  9. Visiting pilots with less than 10 hours flying time must be accompanied by an instructor or expert pilot who will vouch for you.
  10. Announce intended landings and do a radio call prior to final approach.
  11. Launch and land in designated areas only.
  12. Gliders must be parked well clear of landing area.
  13. When kiting your paraglider, please drop the glider to the ground when other gliders are on final approach.
  14. Only safe landings will be tolerated.
  15. No low altitude flying over spectators or car.
  16. Tandem pilots must be prioritized during take off
  17. All tandem flights must be known and cleared by the management.

Paragliding in Nueva Vizcaya

  1. Paragliding and the air sports is new in Nueva Vizcaya. There are ongoing agreements, contracts and deals with the Local Government Units and other stakeholders that may affect the site settings at any given time. Please abide by the rules and requests of the management.
  2. We are still building our track record on safety. Please prioritize safety over fun of flying. Never put your lust for lift ahead of safety.
  3. For our foreign visitors, please respect the local rules.



Sitio Naduntog, Brgy. Tiblac, Ambaguio
Border of Bayombong and Ambaguio


20 mins away from Jollibee, Bayombong
15 mins away from PISAY
10 min away from BSP Camp Site Jamboree


Google maps: Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding Log Cabin

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