Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding

The Paragliding Mecca of the North

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Feel the cool winds and rustic vibe of Ambaguio. We are open for visitors every FRI, SAT and SUN: 6am to 5pm

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Tandem Flights

Fly with a professional licensed pilot! Relax in your VIP front seat up in the clouds while our experience pilot flies you through majestic views of the valley.


Heal with nature. Camp outdoors.


Bundok glamour + camping.

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solo pilots looking for an adventure

Training Pilots


With just a wing and a harness, this is the simplest form of flying and the closest way to fly like a bird.


Powered paragliding (PPG) is a form of ultralight aviation where a pilot wears a motor on the back.


An evolution of paragliding which consists of a wheeled cart, a very convenient way to fly.

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Explore different fly sites with professional guides.


What People Say

This was the best experience I had in years! Definitely a must-try and a bucket list item. My pilot was impressive. I did not expect my flight to be very smooth and relaxing.

Jordan B. (Tandem Passenger)

I wish I knew about this pilot course early in my life. I looked forward to every training day. In just 3 days, I was able to fly solo for the first time. The Instructor is very skillful.

Rhissa S. (Beginner Pilot Course)

Our Stories


OCT 19, 2021 INSTRUCTOR: KELVINLOCATION: PAGIBIG, ARITAO STUDENTS NOTES 1. ZURIEL Reverse kiting (better) | 1 flight 2. LYON Reverse kiting 3. FRANZ First takeoff (3 flights) 4. ALY First reverse kiting 5. SERI First reverse kiting 6. FRANCIS First day training