Local Paragliding Pilots Join the Community-Based Tourism Kulinarya Workshop

Tam-An Resort, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya 
July 21-22, 2022

The “Community-Based Tourism Kulinarya Workshop” is a program conducted by the Department of Tourism (Region 2) to train community members on basic food handling techniques in a hygienic and presentable manner for tourists and visitors.

Facilitated by DOT-accredited trainers and tourism advocate Chef Jose Ramlo P. Villaluna, participants from F&B sectors of different tourism stakeholders  in Nueva Vizcaya learned how to preserve the authenticity of their own local cuisines and to promote the diversity of dishes in the province.

Seri Pugong and Nestor Logmayo Jr., both local pilots and managers of the PARAKITCHEN of Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding, were part of the team that represented the Municipality of Ambaguio. After the 2-day training, they graduated as “community chefs” and advocates of local food tourism.

The Ambaguio team, named “Kini-ing Legend”, won the Fastest in Folding Table Napkins contest and was declared the 2nd place winner in the workshop culmination exercise for Food and Table Presentation.

The local Ambaguio dishes prepared and served: KINI-ING delight (smoked meat), INLAGIM (native chicken), KAMOTE DE LECHE for dessert, and SUMAN NA SAGING for snacks.

Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding aims to empower our local pilots, not just to fly, but to discover other life skills that they can use in their careers. Excited to see these local dishes served in our flysite soon!

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