DZRH feature interview: Tourism in Nueva Vizcaya (Paragliding Segments)

24 September 2024 – DZRH did a live feature interview on Nueva Vizcaya Tourism with Ms. Marichelle Costales, acting Provincial Tourism and Cultural Officer.


They talked about the different destinations in Nueva Vizcaya, the efforts our Provincial Tourism Office did during the pandemic, how do we make our guests feel more safe.

During the paragliding segment, Ms. Jeng highlighted that passengers are flown by licensed pilots and that paragliding is one of the best outdoor activities to during this Covid-19 scare.

ABOUT NUEVA VIZCAYA: starts 9:30 minutes

ABOUT PARAGLIDING: 16:30 to 16:50 minutes

ABOUT PARAGLIDING IN AMBAGUIO: 23:16 to 24:04 minutes 


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