In a courtesy call with the Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding Team, Governor Carlos M. Padilla on March 17 extended his congratulations to the team for making the Nueva Vizcaya map known Internationally in the recently concluded 7th Thailand Paragliding Accuracy ASEAN Friendships Open – AFA Asian League 2023.

Out of 134 competing pilots from across the world, 5 were the representatives of the Philippines in which 3 of them were from Nueva Vizcaya. They were Kelvin Liyangna (the top scorer in the Ph team), Sherlyne Pugong, and Arlyne Pugong. According to Violet Lucasi, founder of the Nueva Vizcaya Paragliding, even though they were newbies in the competition and didn’t bring home any awards, their determination to finish all the rounds made them the “darlings of the crowd”.

Lastly, Ms. Lucasi gave a hint about their next project in which Governor Padilla pledges his full support.

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